Our expertise

Expertise and professional experience of our consultants

Our training courses are delivered in close collaboration with our consultants. They are very carefully selected for both their professional and their teaching skills, often following a process of induction in the techniques of leading Cegos courses.

All of our consultants

  • Have a long experience in a defined area
  • Are selected after a series of interviews and training simulations,
  • Follow a specific Cegos course on training the trainer,
  • Attend a complete course as an observer before leading courses themselves,
  • Receive yearly assessment scores based on the cumulative trainee evaluations
  • Attend training workshops to continuously improve their presentation and facilitation skills.

Experts in seminar facilitation, animation and coaching

The consultant facilitator acts as an enabling “resource”. Their role is to bring out the group’s good instincts rather than hand out knowledge which may not be applicable to each individual’s situation. They facilitate transpositions, provide everyone with the useful keys to appropriate the knowledge into his/her profession and company.

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