They have tried us out and given their approval, now they tell their story. For more informations regarding the projects, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Our experience in the service of international and multiple-location training projects

Large enterprises and institutions have chosen Cegos for their international and local training projects:

  • Banks and insurance companies: American Express, Axa, Barclays, RBS, Société Générale etc.
  • Automobile: Bosch, Citroën, Faurecia, Nissan, Plastic Omnium, Renault, Valeo, Toyota etc.
  • Consumer goods: Danone, France Telecom, Heineken, Kodak, L’Oréal, Leclerc, Lexmark, Nestlé, Time Warner etc.
  • Distribution: But, Carrefour, Conforama, Fnac, Ikéa, Leclerc etc.
  • Equipment and professional services: Airbus, Alstom, Arcelor, Baxter, Berner, Bobst, Eads, Legrand, Legris, Group, DHL, Faro, Firmenich, Henkel, Inergy, Panalpina, Pechiney-Alcan, PPG, Roullier, Schneider, Sidel etc.
  • International public sector: European Commission, … etc.

700 employees with the Faurecia Group trained in management worldwide

“This is the first time that our Group has rolled out an international training programme at the heart of our factories to support the production supervisors. This training programme, which has already involved 700 managers worldwide in 2007 and 2008, will allow the company to improve the performance indicators of the factories involved, particularly by improving quality, reducing absenteeism and giving teams more stability.”
Xavier Randretsa, Director of the University of Faurecia

Coaching 500 salespersons in Europe over 4 months for Nissan

“The Cegos consultants effectively took us through the building of assessment frameworks and coaching modules, the recruitment and training of 12 coaches, the translation and finally the roll-out of the programme, all in the 6 countries concerned. 99% of the salespersons asked admitted that this coaching session had been useful to them and, per country, we were able to obtain a more accurate view of the level of appropriation of messages passed on during training courses, which allows us to target the contents of our future training courses more effectively.”
Nadine Vienne, Network Training & Sales Methods Section Manager, Nissan Europe

3,400 financiers from the Alstom Group took advantage of a training programme called “Tailored finance”

“The network of the Cegos Group allowed us to offer financiers from all our sites the same training programmes, localised and translated. The consultants involved were quickly able to adapt and proceed with urgency. By taking “Our Finance” on board they were able to become our leading trainers in this field. Together we have built up relationships of trust, a true “training partnership” over time and today a good number of our training courses are jointly led by Alstom managers and Cegos consultants. Several hundreds of financiers have been trained using this programme.”
Valérie Dussouillez, Training Programme Manager, ALSTOM

Cegos quality rewarded by the Eastman Kodak Group

Cegos receives the prestigious prize Quality Suppliers By awarding this prize to the Cegos Group Kodak is not only rewarding the standardisation of the quality of training offered in America, Europe and Asia Pacific Rim but also the excellent cost management in all of these regions.
In fact Cegos is recognised by the Eastman Kodak Group for its ability to generate a return on investment, notably thanks to two-figure productivity gains realised each year and optimal management of budgets and equipment for each of the projects.
The programmes rolled out by the Cegos teams cover fields as varied as “management and leader development”, selling, negotiation, management of client relations or personal development.

300 Siemens salespersons upskilled thanks to blended training courses

The Financial Services sector of Siemens (SFS) needed a training solution to support its strategic plan for gaining market share, growing profitability and holding on to its clients and employees. To attain these ambitious objectives we developed, with Cegos, a commercial programme of excellence intended for our sales force. Together we designed four blended training modules, which were deployed 2 years ago, on high performance selling, client loyalty, management of Siemens key accounts and reinforcing the impact of commercial presentations. More than 300 employees took part and were trained throughout the world in China, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. This project is still ongoing in 2011.

The objectives were attained: the skills or our sales force were improved, they greatly appreciated the training and our sales increased significantly. We owe this success to Cegos and to its network of international consultants. They are experienced in large training projects and project management. Together we have built up a true partnership based on trust and this will be a useful tool for reacting to our future international challenges.
Martin Buschmeier, Global Program Management, Siemens Learning Campus

Cegos joins Safran Corporate University in implementing its purchasing training programme

In September 2010 the University of the Safran Group launched sixteen training programmes partly designed and led by Grenoble Ecole de Management and the Cegos Group. Safran wanted to provide a methodology and shared training tools for all of its 600 buyers.

“Using this new tool we wish to reinforce the ability of all our buyers to respond to purchasing issues in the years to come: validating this profession by implementation of personalised training courses and offering access to a certificate of Specialist Master in Management of the Purchasing Function, awarded by Grenoble Ecole de Management and the Cegos Group. We also have to improve the functioning of purchasing networks within the group: for example by obtaining purchasing synergies or encouraging mobility between purchasing functions,” said Xavier Dessemond, Purchasing Director of the Safran Group.