Bespoke Training

Cegos Swiss designs training solutions to meet your specific requirements, suited to your corporate challenges, 100% tailored made solutions to meet the needs of your company.

A unique choice of modalities

Possibility to combine all learning modalities:

  • Develop a flexible and effective training
  • Optimize your training investment
  • Tailored to your requirements

Finding the perfect training solution together

  • Diagnostic: understand and set both pedagogical and business objectives, perform analysis-audit-benchmark, align challenges to strategy, match participant profiles to training and competency framework, select, integrate and validate performance indicators.
  • Design: create learning objects, learning path and learning modalities such as Face to Face, e-Learning, Blended-learning, Video, Case Study, Role Plays, Actions, Webinar, Tutoring, Mentoring, Coaching
  • Content development: developing the online and offline training curriculum with internal and external subject matter experts, storyboarding, storytelling, e-Learning, Games, Simulations, training documentation.
  • Delivery: Face to Face, e-Learning, Blended Learning, Video, Webinar, Virtual Classrooms, Social Learning, Action Learning, Communities of Practice, Cegos manages the delivery of your training solution using a wide variety of methods, tools and online/offline delivery mechanisms, adapting in each instance the right technology for the desired results.
  • Management Support: Managing changes during the roll-out phase, fostering interaction between the participants and their direct managers for the follow-up, ensuring smooth continual delivery of the training and providing support throughout the program.
  • Reporting, Assessments, Surveys: Action plan, assessments, impact surveys, client satisfaction surveys, participant satisfaction surveys.

Our consultant expertise

  • Our consultants have a strong professional experience in their previous career, usually in a management position.
  • Our consultants are experts in seminar facilitation, training and coaching and they possess excellent pedagogical skills.

Therefore, they do not only design the solution; they keep your business objectives in mind at all times.

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