In Company training

You wish to train yoursel, your colleagues or clients internally on a specific topic, on your preferred date? We offer you a solution to your needs!

Cegos will help you with local and international projects

In Switzerland, our team will be close to you, whether you are between Basel and Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, in Bern or Lugano. On the international level, we can rely on a tight network of hundreds of Cegos consultants in Europe & China, and on long-term partnerships in Eastern Europe, USA, Asia or Africa.

We offer you solutions in all fields, from Cegos off-the-shelf best practices to 100% bespoke programs

Cegos Swiss offers off-the-shelf training solutions that are ready to implement, as well as the possibilities to either customize off-the-shelf content or to design new, bespoke solutions to meet your training needs.

  • Customized training solutions: All our training solutions can be customized to your needs. Adapt the histories and exercises to your field activity. Inscribe your visual identity on the course support documents and even more.
  • Bespoke training solution: All our training solutions can be tailored to your company objectives and apply the technology and training processes to any content that your organization needs training on.

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