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Logo de HUTCHINSON « In 2005, we decided to set up the Purchasing University to build our function’s professional skills and develop a common set of standards and tools. We chose Cegos to be our partner in this initiative, which gives us the added advantage of being able to design new training modules to meet the demands of a fast – moving market. »

Pascale Garois, Purchasing Department, HUTCHINSON

Professionalising and uniting an international network of 300 buyers

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The Hutchinson Purchasing University was set up to serve three purposes: provide the skills necessary to meet the function’s new needs and address changing markets; raise the international purchasing community’s skills to professional level; and develop collaboration between the purchasing function and cross-company support functions.

The aim is to unite the network of 300 Hutchinson buyers around a common set of standards and maintain a consistent level of skills on a lasting basis.

Cegos was charged with designing the international university’s entire curriculum: the programme, the educational engineering, and the design of bespoke content for 21 modules delivered in four languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).

A novel feature of this Purchasing University is that some modules are open to other functions, such as R&D, quality specialists, legal experts, the finance community, sales people: an essential move for fostering dialogue and developing collaboration.

Over the past six years, more than 100 training sessions have been organised around the world, all led by Cegos trainers (in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Brazil, Eastern Europe, China and Central America).

Because the training courses foster dialogue and feedback on markets, suppliers and issues specific to the purchasing community, the university has resulted in the creation of a fully-fledged group purchasing network.

✅ Benefits

✅  Key success factors

  • Buyers have sharpened their professional skills
  • The purchasing process has become clearer for all of the buyers in the community
  • Everyone shares the same vision, tools and methods
  • Simpler administrative management of the training courses
  • Active learning techniques and the action learning principle: Purchasing best practices are put into practice in the form of feedback workshops
  • Trust and real synergy between the Cegos and Hutchinson project managers
  • Cegos is a source of ideas and proposals for designing new modules on emerging Purchasing issues

About Hutchinson

On the strength of its four core businesses (vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation; sealing systems; transmission and mobility; fluid transfer systems), Hutchinson has become the partner of choice for the world’s top industrial groups. Hutchinson has a staff of over 25,000 people, deploying their skills in 87 business units across 21 countries.