Nissan : Note & Micra Sales training

Logo de Nissan« We chose Cegos for its ability to provide guidance and support on aspects other than training expertise. This team of motivated, responsive professionals was able to satisfy our request for greater participant engagement and attentiveness, using a fun but effective approach to training. »

Nadine Vienne, Section Manager Network Training and Sales Methods, Nissan


Combined training course/event for the launch of two new vehicles

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Bringing out a new model is a major stake for a car manufacturer: "How many cars will we sell? How will the market respond to the car? Will the dealer network be able to sell the car?"

The brand new Nissan Academy therefore decided to run a combined training course/event to rally the entire European Nissan dealer network around the launch of the two new NOTE and MICRA models.

The training course had to reflect Nissan's 'Innovation and Excitement for Everyone' position by highlighting the new models' cutting-edge technology.

Nissan chose Cegos for its fun, innovative learning techniques and the highly interactive nature of the proposed training course, which is key for generating maximum network engagement. The programme was based on e-learning modules and classroom training, for which we designed iPad activities, challenges, a game, feedback and live voting in partnership with a specialist digital event-marketing company. We also designed and delivered a 'Train the Trainers' training module for the training partners involved.

The entire Bratislava exhibition park was turned into a high-tech branded venue for the occasion. The 29 training sessions (plenary sessions and workshops), made up of two half-days delivered in 20 languages, were a oneof-a-kind experience shared by 5,000 participants - network salespeople, service advisors and regional managers.

✅ Benefits

✅  Key success factors

  • Strong learner engagement, since learners were kept active and involved in the activities
  • Particularly high level of satisfaction with the methods used for the training course (rated 4.6/5)
  • Over 80% of favourable opinions of the new vehicles
  • A novel programme, awarded the Bronze Trophy for sales training in 2013
  • Synergy between the Cegos and Nissan project teams
  • Co-construction of the programme with all of the project partners
  • Innovative learning methods that factored in the network's requirements (translation, localisation, specific local features, etc.)

About Nissan

Nissan Europe, the European subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, is responsible for manufacturing, distributing, marketing and selling Nissan vehicles on European markets. Nissan employs around 12,500 people in Europe and has a network of 3,200 dealers. Nissan's current European vehicle range comprises 24 vehicles.