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Logo de Orange “The mechanism built by Cegos was innovative, flexible and could be used for international HR employees. It allowed a step by step approach and to work with new pedagogical methods. Most of all, we were able to develop a new focus of work in the HR branch : How can we learn to learn differently ?”

Tania Dammert, Director HR Business School, Orange

HR teams ambassadors of digital transformation

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In the Orange Group, digital technology is a priority that top management is kick-starting with the strategic “Orange digital leadership inside” programme. To get the entire workforce onboard, Human Resources has been given a central role in the digital transformation. But for the HR function to be able to play its role as ambassador, it must first change what it does and the way it operates.

The HR Business School chose Cegos to guide and support it in this project, with an innovative, adjustable course format that lets learners progress step by step with the help of new training methods.

Backed by its solid digital expertise, Cegos co-constructed the course with Orange and delivered the entire course. The training course uses viral distribution and revolves around five building blocks :

– teaser;

– virtual exhibition: understanding impact of digital transformation on trainee activites;

– workshop: transpose learned skills in RH function and identify potentials digital actions;

– collaborative project: Implement digitalisation;

– Orange award: value and build on best practices


Participation is voluntary. Trainees can choose how fast or slow they want to go, and train alone or with support. The project is constantly evolving. Themes and methods used by each new trainee incorporate the best practices from earlier courses. The ultimate objective is to train all 4,300 HR professionals.

✅ Benefits

✅  Key success factors

  • The HR community is gradually adopting and sharing the group’s digital culture
  • The workshops came up with 50 new ideas for introducing digital technology
  • The third intake began in early 2015
  • Cegos’ innovative training methods, well adapted to digital transformation
  • Fun aspect of the course, and especially the challenge it provides
  • Trainers’ flexibility and responsiveness
  • Orange management’s strong involvement

About Orange

The Orange Group, one of the top telecom operators, runs an HR Business School to professionalise its HR community. The school’s aim is to develop the community’s skills : 23 job fields, representing 4,300 human resources professionals worldwide.