Tailor-made Digital Learning

We provide the most appropriate learning delivery method for each purpose.

Provide the rigorous processes and project management through design to delivery of all the learning objects required liaising with our digital team (Storyboarders, Web Designers, Graphical Designers) and your SIPOC  to confirm content, design, structure  and sign off.

Learning Webcast

  • Scenarized video broadcast
  • Talking Head to deliver Key Messages, Procedures
  • Fully responsive multidevice
  • Browser Based Experience
  • Agile Development (3 Weeks)

eLearning Module

Fully responsive multidevice eLearning, adaptable to the look and feel of your corporate charter

Modular multimedia integration for simpler localization in all languages, multidevice tracker for seamless learning completion

Integrated gamification features such as points and  stars gained upon activity completion


Digital guide to introduce data-self service platform, what they will find as content and direct link to resources such as video tutorials

Format : ePub/Interactive PDF