In-house training

You are looking for a supportive and experienced partnership, able to combine existing and proven content with innovative learning solutions, embedding the 70:20:10 model, fostering social and distance learning for higher impact and sustainability in the development of individuals’, teams’ and organisational’s skills.

You are looking for a multilingual solution, delivered worldwide and ensuring global consistency and local cultural fit at the same time.

Or you are just looking for an of-the-shelf learning solution, delivered at your premises in Lausanne, Bern or Zürich.
Our pedagogical engineers and soft skills experts are ready to accompany you in the choice of the best tools, methods and infrastructures, to help you achieve your development objectives within your budget constraints.


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Why to choose Cegos ?
  • Our subsidiaries and partners in more than 50 countries deploy your projects worldwide

  • We adapt ourselves exactly to the context and the stakes of each organization, which is why more than 1000 companies entrust each year to us the development of their talents and the accompaniment of their transformations

  • We rely on an active community of experts, always seeking for learning innovation, new trends and research in their field of expertise, in order to propose you the best in class learning content and activities that really add value.

  • Our R&D team is on the lookout for educational and technological innovations in order to offer you original and multimodal learning experiences

  • We simplify the implementation of your projects accompanying you throughout the process : content, pedagogy, control, internal communication, logistics

  • We guarantee the implementation of efficient and measurable projects with an overall system for evaluating ROE (Return on Expectations)