Professional Efficiency

Developing competences on a personal level is as crucial for the good functioning of the organization, as it is to expand the competencies of our function. To reach a level of excellence, professional efficiency, the musician needs technique, a quality instrument in addition to his personal virtues.

Working on personal development, enhancing and refining specific cross-sectoral skills is increasingly a requirement within the business environment, regardless of role and position held. Every day, in fact, it has to do with different interlocutors, with a lot of work and responsibilities consistently and often, with too little time available. If, in addition to learning how to deal with these situations, would you also like to increase your results?

By “personal efficacy”, we can understand the optimization of the relationship between the results obtained and the means used, but we can also define personal effectiveness as the ability of each person to mobilize all resources at the right time in order to produce in a way sustainable good results, professional efficiency. Communicate well, develop team relationships, manage conflicts of interest, make decisions, speak in public, written expression, interpersonal communication and even time control available resources such as intuition, flexibility, creativity or ability of conviction. The daily challenge is to mobilize these resources under all circumstances. Get the best of yourself by optimizing the relationship between the results and the means used.

professional efficiency

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