English Business Writing Skills

Ce programme est conçu pour:

  • All employees

A la fin de cette formation, vous serez capable de:

  • Understand what makes well written and well structured business communications e.g. emails, letters, internal reports
  • Correct typical mistakes in English such as grammar, and punctuation
  • Produce clear, coherent, pieces of writing to get your message across to the reader
  • Speed up the process of producing a piece of writing

Le programme comprend les sujets suivants:

  • Effective written communication
  • Planning, structuring, editing, and proofreading emails & letters
  • The appropriate tone: formal vs. informal English and cultural differences
  • Tips for better letters and emails: greetings, templates
  • Typical phrases and expressions used in plain English
  • Writing essentials: an overview of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and common mistakes
  • Corporate style: British and American English
Writing Skills