Formation : Improved Key Account Management

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Le programme de la formation

Three 30’ e-learning modules

The importance of the Key Account Manager

  • Understanding the importance of the Key Account Manager.
  • Summarising the impacts of the Key Account Manager.
  • Defining your mission and four strategic roles as a Key Account Manager.
  • Characterising the different phases of organisation for the Key Account Manager.

Analysing strategic customers successfully

  • Using three pieces of advice and four spheres to carry out effective analysis.
  • Carrying out in-depth competitor analysis.
  • Using the Key Account Manager’s two SWOT matrices.

Identifying the stakes of the Account Business Plan

  • Defining the purpose and benefits of an Account Business Plan.
  • Using effective methods to build an Account Business Plan.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your relationship with your customer.
  • Optimising your relationship with your customer using the Account Business Plan.

Two-day classroom course

1/ Balancing your responsibilities

  • Analysing your organisation and its missions.
  • Adapting your day-to-day tasks to the requirements of your sector.

2/ Managing market data

  • Assessing key account performance.
  • Analysing each customer within its wider environment.
  • Performing the dual SWOT analysis.

3/ Creating your Account Business Plan

  • Setting an ambition for the account.
  • Developing your strategy.
  • Determining your action plan.
  • Assessing and managing risks.

4/ Managing account relationships

  • Identifying and engaging "key" stakeholders.
  • Assessing relationship performance and adjusting your strategy accordingly.
  • Improving account relationships.

5/ Managing Business Plan implementation

  • Organising implementation and mobilising the team.
  • Managing action plan progress.
  • Boosting cooperation and avoiding conflict.

Two 30’ e-learning modules

Managing action plans in teams

  • Understanding your role as manager of the action plan implementation process.
  • Organising its implementation and mobilising the team.
  • Developing cooperation between team members.
  • Managing the human aspects effectively in the long term.

Removing the five major obstacles to effectiveness

  • The KAM, between action and analysis.
  • The KAM, team player or lone wolf.
  • Being a KAM: thinking outside the box.
  • Being a KAM: knowing how to anticipate.
  • Being a KAM: encouraging.


  • Building a strategy for your customer: the Account Business Plan.
  • Boosting your influence with the customer.
  • Dividing your energy between the KAM’s four strategic roles.

Points forts

  • Pre-learning and post-learning assessments.
  • E-learning modules available for 1 year.
  • Personalised guidance during the entire training path.
Durée : 2 jours (14 heures )
+ activités à distance
Référence : 8566
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Durée : 2 jours (14 heures )
+ activités à distance
Référence : 8566
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