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A simple learning solution with a significant amount of human interaction

Companies and learners have different expectations today than they did before the pandemic. Now, they want simple learning solutions, with shorter duration, but with a significant amount of human interaction and support. 

Flexible and engaging to fit into your business schedule

Global Learning by Cegos is perfect for that! Within the GLC program, 75% of learning is happening with a certified Cegos learning  facilitator. And the total duration is between 14 and 21 hours to fit into a business schedule of a busy individual.

Many of end users have been in remote work and they want engaging flexible solutions with human contact, with opportunities to share, practice and get feedback. That is why, as part of the GLC program, we have included the intersession activities to share, experiment and explore. 

What’s inside the Global Learning by Cegos program

Each GLC program is designed with the 5E Cegos pedagogical approach, and follows a simple but effective process:

  • Let’s start!: 
    The learner is given access to LearningHub where they’ll find simple activities to engage, motivate and get them ready for the 1st  Workshop. 
  • Workshops #1, #2 and 3:
     The program is designed around 3Workshops, each one with a specific goal
  • Intersession Activities #1 and #2:
    Between each workshop  the learner will find self-directed activities, designed for optimizing results
  • Certification:
    Learner can download a certificate if they’ve attended the 3 Workshops, and they’ll unlock bonus content if they complete all the online activities

Flexible and time efficient, the 14 hours can be delivered with a “condensed format”, for time optimization, or spaced during 3 weeks, suitable for professionals with busy schedules 

GLC is a fully international multilingual offer

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Global Learning by Cegos, a simple learning solution with a significant amount of human interaction