"Get your learners involved from the word GO"

Focused on specific, crucial business skill, our ViWo+ learning journeys grab attention and get straight to the point

Designed using Cegos Learning Excellence processes and practices, ViWo+ are workshops tailored for virtual delivery to adapt to global, regional, and local needs. This learning approach is focused on applying the learning through a 4-step learning journey.

Step 1 - Getting ready

  • Defining a specific on-the-job challenge
  • Share with manager

Step 2 - Virtual workshop A (ViWo A)

Step 3 - Virtual workshop B (ViWo B)

Step 4 - Share action plan and get certification

  • Share 30-60-90 day action plan
  • Tell us about the ViWo+ experience
  • Get certificate

Why Cegos virtual workshops?

ViWo+ learning journeys

Designed and delivered by Cegos Swiss Learning Excellence team using best practice techniques, Cegos LearningHub and industry recommended Adobe Connect Workshop Environment.

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