“It is extremely reassuring to work with a full-service provider. "

Trainer & learning community manager

BENU wanted to support their pharmacist managers in their managerial role.

  • Target group: Pharmacists (approx. 200 people)
  • Distribution of languages: French (70%) German (20%) Italian (10%)

We developed a blended learning pathway based on the following key areas:

  • Managing me
  • Managing others
  • Managing my business

The challenge: Identify, select and support the best consultant profiles for the assignment.

Conclusion: This works on a highly trustworthy partnership


  • Overall the learners were more knowledgeable about how to develop and motivate their teams
  • Effective learning transfer to the workplace thanks to a 4-step blended learning programme
  • Engagement in learning through a rich learner experience with personalised pathways, group coaching and 1-2-1 support

Key success factors:

  • Program totally customized to the reality of the pharmacists.
  • Great participation and support from the learning team and senior leadership.
  • Experience in carefully managing the different aspects of the project roll out and rigorous process of certification for all the local trainers