Collaborate for results

Collaborate for results?

One of the epic imperatives of our time according to Stephen Covey is collaboration; to be able to collaborate and innovate successfully, to remain highly relevant in the market place in a challenging and destructive world.

To address this challenge we created a learning journey that will help your employees understand how they can improve their understanding of real collaboration and develop their skills and practices to deliver increased performance.

At the end of this learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Set collaboration objectives and a plan to achieve them.
  • Discover what habits effective collaborators use.
  • Use collaborative behaviors when working with others.
  • Understand how you can become that trusted collaborator everyone loves to work with.

During this virtual learning journey, you will discover the following subjects:

  • Dimensions of Collaborating.
  • Barriers to, and levers of, collaboration in the workplace.
  • Collaborative behaviors to engage with others for results.

ViWo+ learning journeys

Designed and delivered by Cegos Swiss Learning Excellence team using best practice techniques, Cegos LearningHub and industry recommended Adobe Connect Workshop Environment.