Leading Hybrid Teams

Why is leading hybrid teams important?

Statistics show that 40% of employees are considering leaving their jobs if they can't continue to have flexible working, the pandemic's effects on workplace practices are certainly here to stay. All managers and leaders will have to embrace this change and still develop a high trust culture that can attract, retain, engage and inspsire the best talent and do this all within a hybrid team structure.

To address this challenge we created a comprehensive learning journey to help your managers and leaders understand this challenge and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviors they need to effectively lead hybrid teams

At the end of this learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of great hybrid team leadership.
  • Manage an effective hybrid work environment.
  • Hold effective conversations with your hybrid teams members.
  • Identify how you can leverage the different tools you have to manage a hybrid team.

During this virtual learning journey, you will discover the following subjects:

  • Framework for high performing hybrid teams.
  • Guidelines to create a successful environment .
  • Key skills to having effective conversations in your “new normal”.
  • Key issues to watch out for when driving the performance of hybrid teams.

ViWo+ learning journeys

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