Learning Solutions


Focused on specific, crucial business skills our ViWo+ Learning Journeys grab attention, get straight to the point and get your learners involved from the word go!


Designed using Learning Excellence Principles. Each journey combines 4 Key elements which provide learning by training, learning with others and learning by doing.

Corporate Digital
Learning Assets

As a learning pioneer, The Cegos Group has been designing, producing and delivering Digital Learning assets for more than 20 years!


Introducing MyStory, an innovative addition to your management training toolkit. This immersive program follows Clara, during her first 100 days of becoming a manager.

Leader of the Future

It is an immersive international program delivered virtually – that brings together leaders from all over the world to learn, experiment and share experiences.

Global Learning By Cegos

Discover Global Learning by Cegos, a simple learning solution with a significant amount of human interaction