Welcome to Cegos Swiss

"Think global, learn local"

Cegos Swiss: Who we are!

Founded in 2002, Cegos Swiss is a branch of the Cegos Group based in the beautiful and historic city of Geneva. With decades of experience within the world’s leading L&D solutions group, our team has an unrivalled approach when it comes to creating incredibly effective learning for our customers.

Our commitment

We’re proud that we have customers who return to us year after year with fresh ideas and new learning needs. They return because they trust us to give them the training they want, in a way that ensures tangible results.

  • We’ll listen to you and understand your needs.
  • We’ll be flexible and agile.
  • We’ll help you achieve your goals.

And we’ll be passionate. Ultimately, it’s our business to help your business succeed.

"The development of people’s skills and attitudes, as well as the integration of the 70:20:10 model in all Learning Paths, requires a multidisciplinary team to meet your ambitions! Pedagogical Engineering, Project Management, Web/LMS expertise, Admin and Logistics Support."

Etienne Auvilain - Managing Director

Our story