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"Your challenges are our challenges.
Your journey, your choices, our learning solutions."

Cegos way of learning

A timeless philosophy to guide your success relying on:

  • 98 years of learning and development experience
  • +5 million transformed individuals worldwide
  • Research-based models and frameworks
  • Multicultural knowledge and experience

Our modern learning experiences are the result of a comprehensive Learning Framework that immerses learners in discovery and mastery.

This comprehensive Learning Framework promotes deep engagement and long-term growth, making each step of the journey meaningful and transformative, and the overall learning experience exceptional.

Learners are immersed in a phased learning and development experience over time, proven to generate results.

One step at a time, learners experience the 6 most effective learning principles, to go beyond knowledge and transform skills into performance:

  • ENGAGE: showing the relevance to real on-the-job challenges and so spark curiosity and active participation.
  • EVALUATE: enabling learning personalization based on self-assessment of strengths and development areas and the ongoing reflection on progress to adjust their learning to their needs.
  • EXPLORE: encouraging openness to new ways of thinking, being and doing, through the exploration of new perspectives.
  • EXPLAIN: building and deepening understanding of new concepts and frameworks to create solid foundations to experiment new ways.
  • EXPERIMENT: creating the opportunities to apply learning in real life challenges to develop the expected skills.
  • EMBED: reassessing progress to observe the difference made and adjust until it’s fully integrated into new routines and transformed into performance.

A dynamic and cohesive approach that resonates with today’s learners needs and reality, developing their learning agility to empower them keep learning and continuously adapting for what’s next.

Your journey, your choices, our Cegos learning solutions.

Making a difference, one essential step at a time.

Cegos Essentials Solutions

Our capability areas

Our cutting-edge portfolio is meticulously crafted around five pivotal capability areas.

Cegos Group Solutions

Introducing Leader of the future: Cegos Global Leadership Journey.

Cegos has developed an innovative immersive Leadership Journey aimed at all those who need to increase the awareness of their abilities, to confront and question themselves, and leave their comfort zone to seek a new way of being a leader.

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