Virtual workshops to continue building skills


"I was really surprised at the quality of the distance learning. The interactions with the group and the facilitator were very easy, the many tools made the training dynamic and not just a content presentation."

Roberta Alves, Learning & Development Manager LATAM

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Cegos has been supporting Givaudan, the Swiss manufacturer of flavours, fragrances and cosmetic active ingredients, since 2012 on the group's training policy. Benefiting mainly from face-to-face training courses around the world (on subjects such as public speaking, storytelling, supervision, recruitment, etc.), the COVID-19 crisis has prompted Givaudan's L&D team to convert its face-to-face trainingto distance learning in order to continue to upgrade employees' skills despite the context.

These virtual workshop conversions were carried out by our teams. The challenge was to provide a quality and efficiency of teaching similar to that of a face-to-face training. It was also necessary to maintain the interaction between participants and facilitators but also to use different tools to make the training dynamic and value-bearing.

One of the successful examples of this conversion is the one on storytelling. This distance learning course was a success for the participants. In spite of the distance, and as is also the case in face-to-face training, a lot of space was given to reflections between participants, peer counselling and taking a step back from situations and problems encountered in the past. The commitment of the participants was important thanks to the different tools made available to energize the training such as videos, chats or surveys. Finally, the individualisation of the training plan (according to personal objectives) and the construction of the training course in several sequences made it possible to go into greater depth on certain specific subjects and thus be directly applicable in a work situation.