Giving, receiving and asking for feedback

Why is giving and receiving positive and constructive feedback important?

The best organizations are the best because they are always looking for ways to make what they do best even better. "Continual improvement" is not just a catchy phrase for companies that do well. It's a real focus based on what customers, clients, employees, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders have said. Top-performing companies not only know how to take feedback, but they also ask for it. And they know that feedback is only helpful when it shows both strengths and development areas.

Effective feedback is good for the person who gives it, the person who receives it, and the organization as a whole.

At the end of this learning journey, you will be able to:

  • Understand why feedback is important.
  • Use structured framework to give constructive and positive feedback.
  • Receive feedback and leverage it for further development.
  • Ask for feedback in the right way, at the right time.

During this virtual learning journey, you will discover the following subjects:

  • Why feedback is important.
  • When and how often to give feedback.
  • Giving effective feedback to different personalities.
  • Receiving, accepting and asking for feedback frameworks.

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