Not just a workplace, but a community


#PeopleOfCegos - Celebrating People & Culture 🌟😊

At Cegos, we cherish the power of diversity 🌍, enthusiasm 💫, and togetherness 🤝. We believe that building a culture of autonomy, responsibility, and flexibility is enhanced by creating warm team moments. Recently, our team experienced some delightful moments that highlight our vibrant team spirit:

🌼 Celebrating #Life

Our dear head of PMO, now a joyful new mom, brought her adorable baby to join us for an outdoor lunch during her maternity leave. It was a heartwarming occasion to connect with the next generation and reflect on how our work contributes to their future well-being 💖.

🌍 Celebrating #Culture

We immersed ourselves in the cultural and historical richness of Geneva with a guided tour. Centered around the theme of chocolate making, our team visited historical boutiques and learned about Geneva’s legacy in world trade and peace 🕊️. This journey was made even sweeter by sampling delicious chocolates from prestigious local brands 🍫. Thank you, @localflavourstours, for this enlightening and delightful experience! 🙏

👥 Celebrating #People

As we continue our journey, we are thrilled to welcome new team members Silvan and Adel 🎊👏. At the same time, we bid a fond farewell to Imogen and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. We know our paths will cross again, whether over coffee ☕ or a refreshing gin 🍸.

These moments remind us of the importance of connection and the joy we find in our shared experiences, making Cegos not just a workplace, but a community 💖🌟.

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