Our ESG commitment: Meet Ann-Marie


🌱 A Cleaner World with Ann-Marie 🌱

Today we introduce Ann-Marie Mendes, Business Development Manager at Cegos Swiss, who’s recently started her mission for a “better world”. 🌍

Ann-Marie lives in one of the largest wine-growing regions of Switzerland and has recognized a genuine litter problem, despite what the marketing ads show us. As part of her #ESG commitment, she approached her local commune to communicate her intentions and has now engaged in a bi-monthly routine.

With gloves 🧤 and viz jacket 🎽 on, a bin bag in one hand, and Masie 🐶 in the other: she spreads her message, as written on the front and back of her jacket: “Keep Satigny clean and tidy, put your rubbish in the bin or recycle” – all in French, of course! Initially, people looked at her a bit strangely, but now, they recognize what she is trying to do and maybe, just maybe, they will follow her example and contribute to keeping this beautiful region beautiful.

In her own words, “I have never worked for a company before that really walked the talk like Cegos Swiss does. I live and die by the phrase: You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. So, it’s fantastic that a company which is committed to ESG allows its teams to demonstrate that commitment on a personal level within their work time.”

A huge shout-out to Ann-Marie for her fantastic contribution #ThankYou. 👏 Keep shining your positive light! 👍 ✨