[Webinar] Embracing change


🌟 Master the power skills, behaviours, and mindset to navigate a constantly evolving world 🌍

The world is continuously evolving, and change is inevitable 🌟. This one-hour webinar provides the power skills, behaviors, and mindset to not just survive change, but embrace it as an opportunity for growth 🌱 for you and your teams.

Join us on July 11th and discover:

  • The key power skills you and your teams can develop to navigate change with confidence 💪, including critical thinking 🧠, emotional intelligence 💖, and problem-solving 🛠️.
  • Practical techniques to overcome resistance and cultivate a growth mindset 🌿, transforming uncertainty into motivation and positive action 🚀.
  • Actionable resources and initiatives to step outside the comfort zone, embrace change with optimism 😊, and thrive in a dynamic environment 🌟.

Join us for a power-packed hour to empower yourself and your teams to embrace change! 💼✨

Our expert speakers

  • Christelle Delavaud: Offer and Expertise Manager at Cegos France: Expert in equipping individuals and teams with the skills to navigate change effectively 📊.
  • Sara Ratcliff: Learning Ambassador at Cegos UK: Sharing her knowledge on fostering a growth mindset and positive change management within organizations 🌈.